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Extra-curricular / trips


Additional Mathematics sessions take place on Mondays after school, whilst revision workshops run on Tuesdays or Wednesdays alternating with year 11 college days
(currently the workshops run on Wednesday evenings after school).


Numeracy Examinations

Several pupils have been entered for the Numeracy GCSE in November.  All parents and carers have received a text message if their child is entered for the exams.

Dates and revision resources detailed below.

Unit 1 Tuesday 5th November

Unit 2 Thursday 7th November

Recommended Revision Website   http://maths.cymru


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This website has been specifically designed for the Numeracy GCSE and covers every component of the course. It is highly recommended.

There are four sections. Pupil should select a section and a topic. 

Each topic has a video tutorial, questions including a GCSE question, answers and a video detailing a model answer to a GCSE question to gain maximum marks.


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