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Pupils must be showing their bus passes on the school transport runs every day.  WCBC will be fining coaches companies if they are carrying chidlren without passes. Pupils will be allowed 5 days to get a replacement pass or apply for a pass.

For any pupil currently without a valid bus pass please ring 01978 298996 to either pay £5.50 to replace a lost pass or to make an application for school transport.

This is all school transport runs including the private buses.

Strafford Private Buses

This will be continuing in September. The pick up times will be
8.20am by Price Coaches
8.25 by Bargain Booze
The cost will be £3 per day and this can be paid on-line. If you have any issues please phone the school on Tuesday 3rd September.

Normal School Buses

If you have any quieries regarding the normal school buses phone
School Transport on
Wrexham 729726 or 298996

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